Edmonton New Zoning By-Law Change

1. All the current small scale infill zones (RF1, RF2, RF3, and RF4) are proposed to be consolidated and rezoned to RS. RS zones can now have up to 8 units (or 10 if a corner lot) on minimum lot size of 600 sq meters.

2. For smaller lots, individuals can use the formula below to determine how many legal units could be on the property.

site sqm2/75 = Number of Units allowed

3. There is still no parking requirement, which has been the case since 2020. However, most developers/investors do understand that parking is typically wanted by end buyers.

4. Something great about the RS Zone, is that you’re allowed to have a mix of secondary suites in the main building and backyard housing in your backyard. However, you must ensure you’re not exceeding the maximum total number of units for the site. A common style of construction is side by side duplexes with legal basement suites, plus a quad (4) garage with two legal suites above.

5. If you're wondering where to invest in Edmonton Real Estate, below the map shows what the anticipated growth plan for Edmonton looks like.

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